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Burning Incense has always been witnessed in Hindu Rituals, it is considered as a symbol of worshipping your deity. On Big Puja, Havana, or a regular puja, incense is burnt to show devotion to God. Incense has its own aroma and it brings peace and freshness to the environment. 

There are many types of Incense stick which are used for performing pooja at home. Most of the incenses are made up of herbs that provide the natural aroma of herbs which are being used. Having freshness and healing properties, incense sticks enlighten the complete mood and keep the day fresh. At Sunisht, you can get all types of incenses at affordable prices everywhere across the world. You just have to visit the Sunisht website and look out for the puja items that you want to buy and place an order for them.

Talking of benefits of burning Incense at home, we have come up with countless benefits other than spirituality that can aware of the benefits of burning incense sticks at home. Take a look at the benefits which are mentioned below:

Health benefits Lightning agarbatti or dhoop is the common ritual in Hindu tradition while performing puja. It is true that every time you light the stick, it brings a different and unique aroma. As per studies, it is believed that the essential oils available in the incense sticks help in clearing nasal blockages and also, clean the environment. Having the benefits of aromatherapy, it is kept in healing centers.

Help in getting rid of germs

Incense sticks are a mixture of elements that inhibit anti-bacterial properties keeping diseases away by killing all germs and keep your surroundings sanitized. Enriched with boswellic acrid, it helps in enhancing the blood flow and keep your body fit and healthy. Having anti-bacterial qualities help in eradicating germs and freshen the surroundings. 

For the healing process

Incense sticks are indeed not only found at temples for performing puja but also found in ayurvedic centers and meditation places. Having strong aroma help in activating the body’s receptors. As per the research study, incense sticks components help in speeding up the other processes in the body. Sandalwood incense sticks are happened to have the benefits of healing infections and issues because of the increase in the production of keratin, which is present in the outermost layer of the skin. 

Clears headaches and migraine

The next time you find your head throbbing, think of lighting an agarbatti stick. The surprising way aroma sticks work is by making your stress levels come down and clearing mental blockages. The strong smell in specific agarbattis holds healing properties, which relieve pain and congestion. Fragrances like eucalyptus or peppermint reduce heart rate and palpitations, making you feel calm from the inside.

Sleep better

In order to get better sleep, people prefer burning incense sticks as it helps in making you sleep better. It has strong scents that act as natural sedatives and have a soothing sensation on the body and help in relaxing your body. Its aroma help in relaxing your mood, resulting in better sleep. 

Less anxious

Incense sticks also play a vital role in relaxing your mood. It is burnt in rooms to relax the mood and calm down the mind. It activates the senses and relaxes the nerves, resulting in lessening the anxious nature. Incense sticks also have the power to clean the air as it kills the germs and keep the surrounding fresh and aromatic. The reason behind many people burning incense sticks in their study area or workplace is that it stimulates the nerve connections and increase your productivity.

We are sure the aforementioned reasons prove the benefits of burning incense sticks. At Sunisht, we provide an extensive range of agarbattis or incense sticks made up of natural components. Not only in a spiritual manner but burning incense sticks at home have other solid benefits as well. What are you waiting for? Enlighten your mood and freshen up your surrounding with the authentic and 100% original incense sticks at Sunisht. We offer all types of incense sticks at affordable prices so purchase incense sticks and other puja related items at Sunisht. 

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