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Many of you might have heard the Santoshi Mata Vrath Katha and it is very much true. This story is the true inspiration for the people who thinks they are not getting what they are expecting from life.

If you are the one who is thinking that you are not getting a job or not finding a suitable match for marriage or not getting any promotion in a job or any of your work which is long pending and is not clearing in any way, then this Vrath is being kept.

Now let us see the story behind it: –

There was a lady with seven kids out of 7 seven, six kids were hard workers and one of the sons was lazy and was not working.

One day the seventh son told his wife that do you know how much my mother loves me, in the reply wife said Yes, I know, she gave you the remaining food what your brothers leave but son did not agree with it.

He thought that he will check whether it is the truth or not. Next day he made the excuse that his head is paining, and he is going to sleep then his mother served food to all and keep some leftover for him and called him to eat and he said he is not hungry now.

He told his mother that he is planning to go out in search for a job and his mother told if you are planning to go tomorrow then go today itself.

He left the place. Now this man met a merchant and asked him to give him a job and the merchant agreed to it.

The man was very much hard worker and soon he become the businessman with sharing 50% of the profits and he even started a new business later.

On the other hand, this man’s wife got stuck at home and his father-in-law and mother-in-law started troubling him for every small thing. She started managing the complete house and even she has to collect the woods from the jungle.

One day she was passing by she heard some stories from some ladies, and they were doing the fasting of Santoshi Mata.

Keen and eager she asked them what they were doing then they started telling the stories and things they can achieve through this vrat. The women’s said calamity, poverty is wiped out, wealth will come in, all the worries will be removed, barren women begets a child, if husband is gone out he will come immediately, unmarried girls will get marry, old court cases will be solved, quarrels in the house will be gone etc.

She now wanted to know how to keep this fast properly. Then other women tells her that:

First of all “Buy 1 ¼ Anna Jaggery and grams (olden days we had Anna’s and 16 Anna’s made a rupee). If you desire you can buy for 5 ¼ Anna’s or 1 ¼ rupee as per your capacity you can buy, without any botheration as per your devotion and love you should buy. Right from 1 ¼ paise to 5 ¼ Anna’s up to your capacity of strength and devotion you can buy. Every Friday keep a fast – do not eat food and listen or read this story. There should be no break, continuously follow the rules and keep the fast. If you do not get anyone to listen to the story, then light a lamp with ghee or keep the vessel with water in front of you and read the story but see that the rule is broken. Continue till the results happen following the rules and performing the fast. On the fulfilment of the desire do the Udyapan (final day).

Now the women collected the wood and sold it in the market and with the money she purchased the Jaggery and other products, while walking she saw a temple and started inquiring whose temple is this and everyone was saying it is Santoshi Mata temple, she went inside and fall on the foot of the mother.

She started praying very sadly. “Mother, I am an ignorant woman, I do not know the rules to perform this vrat. I am very unhappy. Hey Mother! Goddess of the world please remove my unhappiness, I have come to your shelter.”

Mother got compassion, one Friday passed and the next Friday somebody brought a letter from her husband and the third Friday she received the money sent by him. Seeing this, the elder brother-in-law and his wife made faces. In so many days so much money has come, what is so great? Boys started taunting her, “Money has started coming, now respect for Kaki (brother’s wife) will increase, brother!”

“Letter comes, money comes it is good for all of us.” Saying thus with eyes full of tears she went to the Santoshi Mata’s temple and at the feet of Mateshwari (Goddess Mother) she started crying. “Mother! When did I ask for money? What work do I have from money? I have only work with my husband. I have prayed to see my husband again and serve him.”

The story is all about the prayer, dedication and trust. This story tells us that if you have a right faith and if you are doing good then nothing bad will happen to you.

You must always do what is right and right will come to you. If you read the story the women took all the torture without saying a word to his in-laws and got the fruit she was expecting.

Her husband came to meet her and she is happy now. She prayed to Santoshi Mata to give her child and her wish came true and she got very beautiful child. She used to take her child to the temple every day. She is now better and living her life peacefully. Reading Santoshi Mata Vartha Katha gives immense satisfaction, good health and wealth.

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