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What is Rudraksha?

Rudraksha is essentially the seed of the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree. It has a vital role in the life of a spiritual person. People all around the world prefer to wear the Rudraksha bead. This is not surprising since it is a treasure trove of innumerable benefits. These beads are usually tied together to form a string of beads or a Mala. Typically it is believed that the number of beads that are strung into a mala should be 108 plus one additional beads.

The additional bead represents the Bindu. The additional bead has a special significance, which ensures that the energy generated by the Rudraksha does not become cyclic since it can cause dizziness in sensitive people. However, it is also recommended for safe use that it should include 84 plus beads along with the Bindu. While preparing the Mala, it should be kept in mind that it needs to be quite loose. The beads in the Mala should have enough space so that they can move freely.

Top benefits of wearing the Rudraksha

The Rudraksha has innumerable benefits, both spiritually and mentally.

  • It acts as a protective guard which protects its wearer from all forms of negative energies.
  • For a person who is always on the go and has a busy life, the Rudraksha is the perfect choice for you. It creates stability and support by making a protective covering all around you. This can help you to have a better grasp of your day-to-day life. It helps a person stabilize their life if they are trying to juggle with many things. Not only this also helps in the management of a good work-life balance by bringing stability to your life.
  • The Rudraksha has innumerable benefits when it comes to the day-to-day activities of your life. The bead can help you identify whether the food or water you are about to consume is pure or not. You can pour the water over a Rudraksha, and if it moves in the clockwise direction, the water is pure and can be used for consumption. However, if it moves in the anticlockwise direction, then the water is not safe for consumption. You can hold the Rudraksha bead above the food, and the bead will move in the clockwise direction if it is enriched and healthy for consumption. But if you hold it over a negatively enriched food, the bead will move in an anticlockwise direction.
  • A type of Rudraksha called the one Mukhi Rudraksha is extremely powerful, which generates feelings of isolation in its where. As a result, it is advised that a person should only wear it under the expert guidance of a Rudraksha specialist.
  • On the other hand, five Mukhi Rudraksha is extremely safe and can be worn by people of all age groups and gender. It is popular among the common people since it is known to bring calmness in its rare minds. It also lowers the individual’s blood pressure and has also been known to calm down the nervous system.
  • A Rudraksha makes the wearer active and agile. It helps a person to remain alert and carry on their day to day activities with full enthusiasm.
  • When it comes to children that Rudraksha can increase their focus and help them gain concentration. It also allows the children to carry on their tasks attentively and in a better way.
  • It is extremely useful for meditation and recitation of prayers.
  • The Rudraksha bead is highly effective in getting relief from several kinds of skin-related issues. Various problems such as itching skin, irritations, or wounds can be addressed through the help of a Rudraksha bead. You can place the bead in a copper pot filled with water. Once the beads have been soaked overnight, you can drink a glass of water from the same pot the next morning on an empty stomach. Alternatively, you can also use a paste of nine Rudraksha and Tulsi on the wounds or your skin injuries.
  • The Rudraksha bead is extremely helpful in relieving joint-related issues such as joint pain. You can make the Rudraksha powder with mustard oil and apply it to get relief from all kinds of joint-related ailments.
  • The Rudraksha helps in shaping the personality of a person. Certain people exhibit several personality traits, such as confidence, patience, and intelligence. The reason behind these personality traits lies in effective control of the brain. The people who can control their minds at considered to be the strongest of all. The greatest benefit of wearing Rudraksha bead is that it acts as a personality shaper and helps its wearer shape personality by modifying their behavioral qualities.
  • The Rudraksha beads infuse a positive attitude in a person. Rudraksha acts as a storage unit for any kind of excessive negative energy. When a person is stressed out either physically or mentally, the body produces energy which is not stored, or the mind creating a lot of problems in the body such as hypertension and anxiety. By wearing a Rudraksha, you can stabilize your body’s unwanted energy, which can ultimately improve the nervous system and balance the excessive hormones.

Last but not least, Rudraksha also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial nature. By drinking water that has been used to soak the Rudraksha, you can increase your resistance and immunity towards various diseases. The water which has been infused with the Rudraksha properties becomes a rich source of vitamin C, which is highly beneficial for the human body. So, the benefits of Rudraksha are immense and just go for it.

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