Tilak is applied in 12 places in Hindu religion, these are its valuable benefits.

There are some traditions in Hinduism that have a lot of importance, but with time, they are getting tarnished. In ancient times, whenever King Maharaja used to go for auspicious works, he used to go with tilak on his forehead. Even a king Maharaja used to go to war, then remember his glory for victory and go with tilak on his forehead.
In addition to applying tilak on the forehead, in Hindu traditions, there is a law to apply tilak on a total of 12 places of the body including the throat, heart, both arms, navel, back, both arms etc. In the scriptures, the importance of applying tilak on the brain has been explained in detail. However, now even this legislation has been accepted as scientific. Researchers believe that applying tilak on the forehead provides peace and energy. There are many types of tilak prevalent in India.Sandalwood, Gopichandan, Sindoor, Roli, Bhasma etc. In such a situation, the question now arises as to which tilak should be applied on which day to come out of the house for auspicious tasks. Which gives success in every task and gives peace and strength to the brain?Also read: This solution of milk removes the shortage of moneyIn this sequence, today we are telling you the suggested tilak according to astrology and the belief behind it. There are many types of tilak. Mritika, Bhasma, Chandan, Roli, Sindoor, Gopi etc. In Sanatan Dharma, there are different tilak of Shaiva, Shakta, Vaishnav and other beliefs. By applying sandalwood tilak, sins are eliminated. The person is saved from crises. Laxmi's grace always remains on her. Knowledge fibers remain restrained and active.
Hari Chandan, Gopi Chandan, White Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood, Gomti and Gokul Chandan.   Monday is the day of Lord Shankar and the lord of this war is the planet Moon. The Moon has been considered the causative planet of the mind. To keep the mind in control, keep white sandalwood tilak to keep the brain cool and calm. You can also apply Vibhuti or Bhasma on this day.     Tuesday is considered to be the day of Hanumanji. The lord of this day is Mars. Mars represents red. On this day, applying tilak of vermilion dissolved in red sandalwood or jasmine oil improves energy and efficiency. This removes the sadness and despair of the mind and makes the day auspicious.   While Wednesday is considered to be the day of Mother Durga, it is also the day of Lord Ganesha. The planet owner of this day is the planet Mercury.   Tilak of dried vermilion (with no oil added) should be applied on this day. Intellectual ability is intensified by this tilak and the day is auspicious.
Thursday is also called Thursday. Brihaspati is the guru of the sage deities. Brahma is the special deity of this day. Jupiter is the lord of this day. The guru loves yellow or white mixed yellow color. On this day, rub the white sandal wood on a stone and add saffron and apply it on the forehead or apply a vaccine.You can also apply tilak of turmeric or gorochan. This will lead to the emergence of pure and positive thoughts and good feelings in the mind, so that the day will also be auspicious and financial problems will also be solved.   Friday is the day of Lakshmiji, the wife of Lord Vishnu. The planet lord of this day is the planet Venus. However, this planet is also called Daityaraja. Shukracharya was the guru of the demons. By applying red sandalwood on this day, where stress is kept away, it also increases the physical pleasures. You can also apply vermilion on this day.
   Saturday is considered as the day of Bhairav, Shani and Yamaraja. The planet owner of this day is Saturn. Vibhut, Bhasma or red sandalwood should be applied on Saturday, which makes Bhairav ​​Maharaj happy and does not allow any kind of harm. The day is auspicious.
Also read: Do you know how to become a rat riding GaneshaSunday is the day of Lord Vishnu and Sun. The planet masters of this day are the Sun planets who are the kings of the planets. On this day apply red sandalwood or Hari sandalwood. While being blessed by Lord Vishnu, where respect is increased, fearlessness comes.