Where to put Hanumanji’s picture in the house.

Sri Ram is a devotee Hanuman Sakshat and Jagrat Dev. The devotion of Hanumanji is as simple as that. It is difficult because a person must have good character and sanctity in the temple, otherwise it has to suffer the consequences.

Devotee of Hanuman ji miraculously ends the crisis and the devotee gets peace and happiness. Scholars say that the one who once tasted the devotion of Hanumanji never loses his bet in life again. What he sees as a defeat ultimately turns into victory. Such a devotee has no enemy.

You must have seen many pictures of Hanumanji. Like- Hanuman ji raising mountains, Hanuman flying, Panchmukhi Hanuman ji, Hanuman ji engaged in Ram bhakti, Hanumanji sitting on his tail seat in the assembly of Ravana, Hanuman doing combustion in Lanka, Hanuman in Angus in Sita Vatika, demons from mace Killing Hanumanji, Hanumanji showing huge form, Hanumanji blessing, Hanumanji raising Ram and Lakshmana on his shoulder, Hanumanji reading Ramayana, not Surya Hanuman ji, Bal Hanuman ji, Hanuman ji as the sea is rolling, Shri Ram-Hanuman ji Milan, Hanuman ji coming out of the mouth of Surasa, Hanuman ji writing Sri Ram’s name on the stone, Hanuman ji lying, Hanuman ji standing, Hanuman ji, Shiva offering water on Shiva, Hanumanji, Ramayana Hanumanji reading, Hanumanji tossing Shani in the arena, Hanumanji meditating, Hanumanji sitting on the Shri Krishna chariot, keeping the mace on the shoulder Hanuman seated on one knee, Hanumanji fighting with Makardhwaja and Ahiravana in Hades, Hanumanji on the Himalayas, Hanumanji in front of Durga Mata, Hanumanji blessing Tulsidasji, Hanumanji descending Ashoka Vatika, Hanumanji sitting in salutation posture in Shri Ram’s court.

Mangal, Shani, Pitru and Bhutadi are not to blame in the house where Hanumanji is pictured. If you are a devotee of Hanumanji then it is important to know where and what kind of pictures of Hanumanji should be placed in the house. Come, let us tell you today some rules of applying pictures of Shri Hanuman …

In which direction should Hanumanji’s picture be placed: According to Vastu, Hanumanji’s picture should always be seen looking towards the south. This picture should be of red color in sitting posture. The picture of Hanumanji facing south direction is more auspicious because Hanumanji has shown his influence most in this direction. On applying Hanumanji’s picture, every evil force coming from the south direction returns seeing Hanumanji’s picture. This increases happiness and prosperity in the home.

Do not put Hanuman pictures in the bedroom: According to the scriptures, Hanumanji is a Baal Brahmachari and for this reason it is auspicious not to keep his picture in the bedroom or in any other holy place. It is inauspicious to keep in the bedroom.

To avoid ghosts, ghosts, etc.: If you feel that your house is affected by negative forces, then you should put a picture of Hanumanji in the posture of performing power. If you want, you can put Panchmukhi Hanumanji’s picture on top of the main or place such a place from where everyone can see it. By doing this, no evil force will enter the house.

Panchmukhi Hanuman: According to Vastu science, the house in which the idol of Panchmukhi Hanumanji is there, the obstacles in the path of advancement are removed and wealth wealth increases. The above picture of Panchmukhi Hanumanji is also good.

Water source defect: If there is any water source in the wrong direction in the building, then due to this Vastu Dosh, enemy obstruction, disease and disturbances are seen in the family. In order to remove this defect, a picture of such a Panchmukhi Hanuman ji should be placed in that building, facing the southwest direction, looking towards that water source.

In the meeting form: In the meeting room, you put a photo of Shriram Darbar, where Hanumanji is sitting at the feet of Prabhu Shriramji. Apart from this, you can put a picture of Panchmukhi Hanumanji in the meeting room, a picture of Hanuman ji while raising a mountain, or a picture of Hanuman ji while doing Bharama. Keep in mind that you can apply one of the above pictures.

Picture of Hanuman lifting the mountain: If this picture is in your house, you will develop courage, strength, faith and responsibility. You will not panic under any circumstances. Every situation will appear small to you and it will be resolved immediately.

Flying Hanuman: If this picture is in your house, nothing can stop your progress, progress and success. You will have enthusiasm and courage to move forward. You will continue to progress on the path of success.

Hanuman chanting Shri Ram: If this picture is in your house, then there will be devotion and faith in you. This devotion and faith is the basis of the success of your life.

Purity of Hanumanji’s picture: If you have put a picture of Hanumanji then it is important to ensure his purity and safety. He should be well in love. It is also important to clean her daily and give sunlight in front of the picture.

To get rid of Mangaldosh: According to Vastu Shastra, put a red colored picture of Hanumanji on the south wall in the house. If Mars is inauspicious by doing this then it will start giving auspicious results. You will get the blessings of Hanumanji. Also, the health of the whole family will be good.