Leaf/Areca Leaf Round Disposable Bowl – 5 inche apprx

  • Areca leaf products are oven safe, microwavable and grease resistant, Making palm the perfect choice for any culinary occasion. Whether you’re serving hot pizza straight from the oven or cold ice cream, palm is tough enough to handle a variety of temperatures. It’s extraordinarily durable and resists cracks, breaks, and leaks
  • Eco friendly – Back to Earth- Made from Palm leaves and shaped with Heat & Water. There are no trees cut to manufacture our Simply Urbane Palm Leaf wares. Its true to nature- Pure & Honest. Dump it in your outdoor Compost Bin & in a month it would be almost half Gone
  • Durability – Best Used For- Simply Urbane palm ware is Light, Attractive & Won’t break even if it falls on the floor. That makes it great for Kids Birthday Party. Its also perfect for Catering, Restaurant, Weddings, Picnis and Camping. You may use it for Eat-on- Table format or for buffet dinners.
  • KEEP THE ENVIRONMENT TOP OF MIND – By choosing palm, you get an eco-friendly product that is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Within 2 months, the leaves will have composted fully. Each palm leaf is completely hygienic and has been prepared without the use of chemicals, dyes, or resins. Best of all, no trees are harmed in their production since the leaves have fallen off the tree naturally.
  • Colour Depend on availability.
  • Perfect alternative to plastic and most sustainable eco friendly disposable available in the market
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These natural leaf disposals are not only environment friendly but also look very elegant and classy. For your guilt free house parties/birthday celebration/office parties/get together are disposals are just perfect. There doesn’t have to be a huge pile of dishes left over after thatbig party in yourhome. Mix and match with other size plates and disposables. Once you are done using them crush them and use them as manure for your plants. These eco-friendly disposable plates are made purely fromfallingArecapalm leaves and water. They are also bio-degradable and can be used as compost to enhance thesoil afteruse. Our products extremely lightweight and at the same time robust, hygienic, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless andleakproof. Whether you’re dishing out soups, salads, or even curries, these disposals are up for the challenge. These dishes have been handcrafted to ensure you get the best quality product possible. Regardless of what’s on the menu, palm disposals are perfect for any culinary occasion since they offer a unique combination of durability and environmentally-friendly.



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