Your privacy is our prime responsibility. Therefore, this privacy policy provides the highlights upon the collection, usage, disclosure, and communication of personal information.
Additionally, we protect your personal data by taking into account the security measures and protecting it against any loss, theft, unauthorized access, copying, or modification. Thereby, we maintain the confidentiality of personal information.
We collect your personal information with fair means by seeking your consent for the same. Furthermore, we collect your personal information for the mentioned purpose. Thus, once you avail the service, you agree or provide consent to the privacy policy.
Howsoever, the words like "you" and "your" state the reader or visitor of the site whereas words like "us", "our" and "we" refer to Sunisht Technologies.
We use your personal information by administrating your online behavior through visiting time on our website. And we preferably ask your permission for the same through the option of cookies. Herein the cookie identifies the browser for quality service purposes.
Further, these cookies collect the small pieces of information which get stored while viewing the website. Whereas no third party is allowed to use your personal information.
How do we collect your personal information?
We collect your personal information in several ways. For instance, when you register on the site your name, e-mail id, and phone number are collected. Additionally, while you are filling out the form, subscribing to the newsletter, responding to a survey, placing an order, or having the live chat, your personal information gets collected with us.
Why do we collect your personal information?
We intend to collect your personal information for relevant reasons wherein our aim is to protect your privacy. Therefore, your personal information remains safe and doesn't get hampered by third-party interference.
Thereto, your personal information is collected by us for the following reasons:
  • For quickly processing of your orders and transactions
  • For better after-sales customer support service
  • For providing you better and personalized service
  • For providing e-mails related to our latest offerings and upgrades in service
  • For e-mail, live chats, and phone inquiries
Payment Information
All your payment information is encrypted and we don't intend to collect any personal information pertaining to card payments.
Applicability of Laws
This website is hosted in India. Therefore, all the rules relating to personal data collection, usage of information, and data collection are governed by the government of India. Rules and regulations stated in this privacy policy are in accordance with the Laws of India.
Changes in Privacy Policy
We can make changes to the privacy policy at our sole discretion. Additionally, about any substantial changes to the privacy policy, we will intimate you through e-mail id or provide notice for the same.
Contact Us
For any further details related to privacy policy drop in your query at our contact us page.

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