Pure Sandalwood Stick l Chandan Ladki -90 Grams apprx

  • Weight: 90-100G apprx.
  • Mysore sandalwood stick has a natural fragrance which is very light and pleasant in nature..
  • Sandalwood is a beauty product…
  • This sandalwood is rubbed to form a powdered texture …
  • This can be applied on face or forehead for skin benefits and relaxation…
  • could be used daily is used for festive ,religious spiritual occasions.


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Sandalwood For Face Mask:

Mix 1 spoon of sandalwood powder and 1 spoon of turmeric along with honey. Make thick paste of it and apply all over face. Leave it till the mask tightens and dries. Wash face with water once the mask dries. It refreshes skin and makes skin shine.

Sandalwood For Fairer Complexion:

Mix 1 spoon of sandalwood powder and 1 spoon of almond powder with milk. Application of this paste regularly gives fairer complexion.

Sandalwood as a Perfume:

Make a fine paste of sandalwood powder with water or rose water and apply all over body, especially to sweat prone areas like under arms. This acts as an excellent deodorant for entire day. It also prevents sweating and works on prickly heat.

Sandalwood For Stress:

Sandalwood oil is a sedative and it soothes the nerves. It provides relief from stress. It has a soothing effect on skin and membranes.

Sandalwood For Headache:

Sandalwood paste applied on temples relieves headache and brings down temperature.

Sandalwood For Rashes:

Mix sandal wood and a little amount of camphor and make a paste. Apply this paste on the rashes. Redness and the itchiness will reduce and a soothing effect can be felt immediately.

Sandal For Tolerating Environmental Hot Temperature:

Make a sandalwood paste in some large quantity. Apply this paste alone on face, neck, hands, legs, chest and back. No matter how hot the weather is, your body will be very cool and relaxed.