Sunisht – Kale Godhe ki naal/Black Horse Shoe/ghore ki naal/Horse Shoe for Good Luck/Naal to Protect Your Home/Office from Evil Eyes

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  • Original Black Horse shoe/ Kale Ghode ki naal is pre energized with shudhi mantras. The Lucky horse shoe is an old tone-totke/spell for homes. They are said to welcome prosperity and happiness when kept on the main door frame in the top in a inverted style (refer to the picture attached).
  • If you put the Lucky energized and charged “SUNISHT” Horse shoe in a “U” shape at the top of your main door frame, you will be safe from your black magic, evil eye and especially from Shani drishti.
  • The “SUNISHT” horseshoe is considered very lucky and used to be hung in many homes to protect and attract good fortune for the family residing inside.
  • Put the Horse shoe in a black cloth and place it in your safe/almirah or the place where you keep your money. You will have abundance of money. Do this on a Saturday.
  • The horseshoe is considered very lucky and used to be hung in many homes to protect and attract good fortune for the family residing inside.
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Black horse shoe is a universal lucky charm, black horse naal is used universally and is always suspended with horns for good fortune, taking away of the effects of sade sati and that of malefic planet saturn and evil spirits and a ring made out of this gives amazing results. Horse shoe ring is made from horse naal for removing the sade sati effects on an individual. Black horse shoe takes away malefic effects of ‘sadhesati’ caused due to saturn, eliminates ill effects of evil powers and brings immense good luck and wealth to the wearer. This horseshoe is not a normal horse naal. It comes from black horse. This horseshoe is taken out on fortunate time from black horse’s front right leg. The black horse is an extraordinary horse, whose right leg strikes near to the left leg while running. “SUNISHT” is the very place where you can get best quality products in rudraksha, gemstones and other religious items. “Astrohub” rendering services since years and providing best in quality. Many people benefitted from us. Astro and vastu products are only beneficial when are fully active with mantras, for an instance every gemstone and every rudraksh has its own lord/god which has its specified mantra, which can fills it with special energies. “SUNISHT” is doing the same for the customers so that they can avail desired results. This is our aim to provide better products so that you can have prosperity in your life and business. If you like our products, please do rate us and give your valuable feedback so that we can improve in future.