About Us

The land of spirituality , India is known for its rituals and spirituality, our prayers are incomplete without complete Pooja that has incense sticks which can freshen the mind and soul of everyone, Shivling, and  Rudraksha which is a symbol of Lord Shiva and everyone can feel connected with the God. Instruments like conch shell (shankh), holy books, picture frames of Gods are available here.

 Sunisht offers a wide array of products that are used in the Vedic rituals and are considered the main elements of Pooja. Big or small, a ritual is a ritual, and everyone tries to serve their best in the name of God. Keeping all these factors in the mind, Sunisht caters not only the best products that are best for performing rituals but the list of all the items are specially crafted by the Vedic gurus who have devoted their lives to the God. There are many varieties, making it easier to choose the best from many products, such as pooja products, Deity sevas that has decoration material such as vastram and incense sticks.

Sunisht offers all the kind of Pooja products, be it Yagyas products or Havans material, all the products are well-packed and has the essence of freshness. We also deliver all types of Yantras, Jaap Malas like Rudraksha, Dhoti sets, shawls to wear during the pooja, or to gift pandits. Our cow ghee is pure and has all the natural flavors making it suitable for Yagyas. If you want to design your temple in a certain way, we can customize your temple accordingly, as per your needs.

No matter how developed and progressed we get, we still want uniqueness and 100% originality when we perform havans or poojas. If you have a temple in your office or at home, we will cater to you Pooja Smagiri as per your needs. We always make sure to serve the best so that you and your family get the blessings from our Gods. We are always at your service, no matter, your event is big or small, and we are always ready to help you. We want to be a part of your happiness and make sure your prayers get heard t by God. Allow us to be a small part of attaining blessings from God with you. All our products have good quality and you will be happy by receiving our services.